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Mikey's Muppet Memorabilia Museum

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Yayyy! Fraggle Rock Pop figures coming soon!!!

On Oct 31st Funko announced that they will be releasing a series of 6 Fraggle Rock Pop figures! Each of the five main Fraggles comes with a mini Doozer figure, and rounding out the set is Sprocket the Dog! Thank you Funko!!!!

There's no mention yet of Junior Gorg, though if the series sells well hopefully Funko will add him to the collection too! He would be neat to see as a 6 inch figure. Here is the official announcement for the series: https://funko.com/blogs/news/coming-soon-fraggle-rock-pop

Update: Uncle Matt was announced on Nov 1st, 2017 as a Funko Speciality Series addition:

Here's more info about other Muppet and Jim Henson related Funko Pop figures:

Flocked Red Fraggle is exclusive to Books A Million

Sprocket is exclusive to Toys R Us

Uncle Traveling Matt will be released as part of the Funko Specialty Series!


  1. https://funko.com/blogs/news/specialty-series-fraggle-rock-traveling-matt-pop-kingdom-come-superman-dorbz
    Uncle Matt is coming out soon.

    1. Hi Leon

      Awesome! Thanks for the info, I've updated the text! :) Maybe Junior Gorg will be released soon too! I hope so!

    2. Funny how this post looks just like:

    3. Hi Chris
      Yes, we both used the promotional images for the toys that Funko issued in order to promote them. Thanks for letting me know about that blog, I had never seen it before. Very cool! The more Muppet blogs there are, the merrier! :)