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Selling Prices for Collectables

Understandably, I do get a lot of requests from sellers asking me what the value of a certain item is. Certainly it makes sense to research what price you should be asking.
On my part, I'm glad to help identify items if I can, or share whatever info I have, however it isn't really my goal with this blog to keep track of what Muppet collectables are worth. The reason being, I'm simply not an expert in that area and I'd rather not steer someone in the wrong direction, so I generally like to avoid suggesting values whenever possible. Determining the value or a selling price is tricky as it depends a lot on the condition of the item, how much in demand there is for that specific item among collectors, and who the actual buyer is. So it's quite difficult to come up with a value that will be set in stone to say "it's worth this much" because to different people the particular item may be worth more or considerably less, depending on if they are trying to fill a hole in their collection, or if it's of sentimental value, or if they are trying to find it for someone else, etc. Quite frankly, the notion of having a price guide for collectables is quite silly to me as the market fluctuates so much, even over short periods of time, that you can't really depend on them. At least that's been my experience.
So what I'd recommend in terms of pricing and values is to do some research on the item to find several sources, say three or four, that have listed a value or selling price on the item you want to sell, then take an average. For example, if you go to e-bay and find several listings for the items you have, bookmark them and then wait for them all to sell and make note of the selling price. Maybe they didn't sell at the price being asked? This will give you an idea of the maximum value of the item. I wouldn't do this just on e-bay though, go to a few online sources (Amazon, Kijiji, etc.), as well as actual nostalgia shows and flea markets, and make note of the value of things as you see them.
As I'm a nostalgia show vendor, I can attest to the fact that online prices for collectables tend to be quite inflated as compared with the reality of what people are willing to pay at a show. One of the reasons for this is because with online selling you have shipping fees that need to be covered, plus there is also a higher likelihood that the buyer will make a spontaneous purchase and click "buy it" before they realize what they are doing and change their minds. Therefore, if you are at a flea market and see something that you think you might someday end up selling yourself, make note of the price as this is likely to be more realistic. Keep a log or diary of what others are pricing things at. It's really an ongoing thing to research the values of collectables, and as I mentioned, the market keeps changing, so you have to keep adjusting the values with it.

All that being said, I'm also not the best person to ask about pricing Muppet collectables because as a Muppet fan I'm completely biased! I think all of it is awesome, so my prices would likely be too high anyways and wouldn't reflect what people would actually be willing to pay! :) There is quite a contrast between what a collector thinks his/her collection is worth vs what a buyer thinks it is worth. That goes for any type of collection, be it Muppets or Star Wars or whatever.

In terms of pricing and values, this is really the best info that I'm able to offer. I hope that it is at least somewhat helpful! 
All the best! -Mikey :)

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