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Saturday, November 5, 2016

New Jim Henson Pop Vinyl Figures from Funko!!!

I'm sure if you're as obsessed about Jim Henson stuff as me you already know about, and maybe even own, some of the AWESOME new Dark Crystal and Labyrinth Pop Vinyl figures that have just been released by Funko!

Back in 2012 Funko released their first Henson related series of figures with The Muppets Pop figures and Wacky Wobblers. I picked up the Kermit Pop Vinyl figure (shown above) and somehow managed to resist collecting the other nine figures in the series, instead choosing to collect the Muppets Wacky Wobblers set. Then in 2015 along came Funko's Sesame Street Pop figure series!!! As awesome as they are, especially with Big Bird and Snuffy as 6 inch figures to keep them in scale with the smaller Muppets, I was well behaved and didn't cave in to collect them! Yet, they have kept taunting me just as the Muppets series did, and now in 2016 Funko has hit the nerve of my geeky "all things Henson" obsession with the addition of not one, but TWO, more Henson inspired collections: The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth!!!

That's it, I'm toast! Hoist the white flag!

You win Funko... and thank you for winning!!!! These new figures are so amazingly detailed, with the costumes recreated exactly like in the movies, how could I possibly pass them up?!?! The Labyrinth set even includes a harder to find Jareth the Goblin King variant with his magical orb! ...and Ludo is a 6 inch figure! Ack! A Ludo action figure!!!! (Sigh!) So now I want them all... all the Muppets and all the Sesame Street gang, and all the new ones!!!  ....Farewell disposable income, farewell!!!!

Jen, Kermit, and Jareth Pop figures by Funko in their nifty boxes!

Below I've compiled a list of all the Henson related figures that Funko has made to date, because I want to be as helpful a Muppet freak as can be by passing along my obsession with these collectables to others who, like me, have been trying in vain to resist collecting them. Isn't that nice of me! :)

Oh...and dare I forget to mention the Dark Crystal action figure series that Funko will soon be releasing! These are based on the very rare action figures that were briefly available in 1982 during the films original run. Yes it's true, what was sundered and undone, has been fixed by Funko! Dark Crystal action figures that we can actually own will soon become a reality!!!


The Muppets/The Muppets Most Wanted: Pop Vinyl Figures
01 Kermit - The Muppets box
01 Kermit - The Muppets box, metallic variant
01 Kermit - Muppets Most Wanted box
02 Miss Piggy - The Muppets box
02 Miss Piggy - The Muppets box, metallic variant
02 Miss Piggy - Muppets Most Wanted box
03 Gonzo - released only in "The Muppets" box
04 Fozzie Bear - released only in "The Muppets" box
05 Animal - The Muppets box (standard edition box with slanted logo)
05 Animal - The Muppets box (standard edition box with slanted logo), metallic variant
05 Animal - Muppets Most Wanted box
05 Animal - The Muppets box (limited edition box with horizontal logo), flocked variant - reissued Dec 2016 as a Funko.com exclusive, limited to 4000
06 Dr. Teeth - released only in "The Muppets" box
07 Mahna Mahna - released only in "The Muppets" box
08 Snowth - released only in "The Muppets" box
(no number) 3 pack set: Mahna Mahna and two Snowths, metallic variant, The Muppets box
09 Sam the Eagle - released only in "Muppets Most Wanted" box
10 Swedish Chef - released only in "Muppets Most Wanted" box
11  Coming soon! Superhero Kermit - The Muppets box (limited edition box with horizontal logo),  New for March 2017! (Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive)

The back of each Funko Pop box shows illustrations of all the figures that are available in a collection. In this case Sam the Eagle and Swedish Chef are not shown on this "The Muppets" box as those figures were not yet available. They're only shown on the back of "Muppets Most Wanted" boxes along with Kermit, Miss Piggy and Animal.

The Muppets: Wacky Wobblers (Bobble Heads)
Miss Piggy
Fozzie Bear
Fozzie Bear, flocked variant
Animal, metallic variant
Dr. Teeth
Gonzo (not released)
Beaker (not released)
Sweetums (not released)

The Muppets: Plushies (I'm not aware if these were actually released or not)
Miss Piggy

The Muppets: Cupcake Keepsakes (I'm not aware if these were actually released or not)
Miss Piggy

Sesame Street

Sesame Street Pop figures by Funko, bottom row: Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus 6 inch figures
Top row: Regular sized figures The Count with The Muppets series Kermit
It would be neat if Funko re-issued Kermit in the Sesame Street box!
Snuffy and Big Bird out of the box, front view and side view
2015 - 2017

Sesame Street: Pop Vinyl Figures
01 Super Grover
01 Super Grover, flocked variant* - reissued Dec 2016 as a Funko.com exclusive, limited to 4000
02 Cookie Monster
02 Cookie Monster, flocked variant* (New York Comic Con Exclusive)
03 Oscar
03 Oscar, orange variant (Entertainment Earth Exclusive)
04 Bert
04 Bert, flocked variant* (Barnes & Noble Exclusive)
05 Ernie
05 Ernie, flocked variant* (Barnes & Noble Exclusive)
06 Mr. Snuffleupagus (6 inch)
06 Mr. Snuffleupagus (6 inch), flocked variant* (San Diego Comic Con Exclusive)
07 The Count
08 Elmo
08 Elmo, flocked variant* (Barnes & Noble Exclusive)
09 Grover
10 Big Bird (6 inch)
11  Coming soon! Herry Monster New for March 2017!
*Note: Be careful when buying flocked variants of Sesame characters as I've seen customized, home-made flocked figures online that were not issued by Funko!

The back of the Sesame Street Pop boxes for figures number 1 to 5 (series 1) show an illustration of the first five figures on the back of the boxes, while figures number 6 to 10 (series 2) have the entire collection on the box.


Labyrinth: Pop Vinyl Figures (these were added to the Pop vinyl "Movie" series)
363 Sarah & Worm
364 Jareth (brown jacket with cane)
365 Jareth (white outfit, holding crystal orb)
366 Ludo (6 inch)
367 Hoggle

The Dark Crystal: Pop Vinyl Figures (these were added to the Pop vinyl "Movie" series)
339 Jen
340 Kira & Fizzgig (open mouth)
340 Kira & Fizzgig (closed mouth), variant
341 Aughra
342 The Chamberlain Skeksis
343 Ursol the Chanter

The Dark Crystal Pop figures in their boxes, above, and loose, below.

I've included the side and back views to show the amazing attention for detail that Funko has applied to these figures. The costumes are amazing!!! Click on any picture for a larger view.

The Dark Crystal: Reaction Figures (to be released Nov 2016)
Each figure comes with a different section of the Dark Crystal...awesomeness!!!

Carded figures:
Kira (no wings) & Fizzgig (open mouth)
The Chamberlain Skeksis

Boxed figures:
Ursol the Chanter
Garthim, Kira with wings and Fizzgig (closed mouth)
Landstrider and Jen

If Funko actually releases all of these awesome action figures then, logically, we'll have to beg them to make a Dark Crystal castle playset in the style of Castle Grayskull, along with some pod people, more Skeksis, and one of those weird light dudes from the end of the movie! Wouldn't that be yummy! :)

And, Oh my goodness, maybe they would - gasp! - do the same for Labyrinth and issue Reaction figures based on those characters too!!!

Mikey's Wish List for Muppet Show Funko Pop Figures!

As 2016 marked The Muppet Show's 40th anniversary this would be a good excuse for Funko to continue the Muppets Pop series, this time using the original "The Muppet Show" logo on boxes!!! Here's how I envision The Muppet Show Pop figure collection, continuing where the original Muppets/Muppets Most Wanted Pop figure series left off:

Series 2
11 Sweetums, 6 inch figure, comes with a small figure of Kermit's nephew Robin the Frog
12 Scooter
13 Floyd Pepper, wearing red jacket and holding his guitar
14 Rowlf the Dog (no costume)
15 Kermit in his reporter outfit (packaged in a Muppet Show box)
15 Kermit in his reporter outfit (same figure packaged in a Sesame Street box)
16 The Great Gonzo - holding a partially eaten rubber tire, comes with a small figure of Camilla the chicken
17 Thog, 6 inch figure with small figure of Rizzo (same size as the Robin the Frog figure)
18 Gorgon Heap (purple Muppet monster that eats everything)
19 Miss Piggy in her Pigs in Space outfit, comes with a small figure of her dog Foo Foo
20 Gonzo as Darth Nader

Plus! ...the Swinetrek spaceship added to the Pop Rides series, with a Pop figure of Captain Link Hogthrob.

Plus! ...a limited edition three pack set, special reissue of original figures for Kermit ("The Muppets" series figure #1), Miss Piggy (#2) and Gonzo (#3) in a "The Muppet Show" box

Plus! ...a display stand for the figures styled after the Muppet Show theatre stage with the arches from the opening Muppet Show theme, with space to put a Pop figure in each arch!!! This would complete the collection perfectly and entice collectors to take part in this Muppet Show Pop series!!!

Series 3
21 Captain Link Hogthrob (same figure that comes with the Swinetrek but in a single box) with small Koozebanian Male alien figure
22 Dr. Strangepork with small Koozebanian Female alien figure
23 Swinetrek Crew Pig (one of the generic crew pigs) with one piece Koozebanian Babies figure
24 Koozebanian Phoob (light blue furry Muppet alien)
24 Koozebanian Phoob, limited edition "Kermit-green" variant
23 The Muppet Newsman
23 The Muppet Newsman, limited edition variant, bandage on forehead, crooked glasses, frowning mouth, dirt marks on suit
24 Zoot with saxophone
25 Janice with her guitar
26 Lips with his trumpet (the 6th member of the Electric Mayhem band!)
27 Beaker
27 Beaker, limited edition post-explosion variant with black soot marks
28 Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
29 Mutations dancer, 6 inch figure (seen with Sweetums and Thog at the beginning of the Muppet Show opening theme) with small one piece figure of the Muppet penguins
30 Beautiful Day Monster, blue monster with square shaped head.. would be perfect for a Pop figure! (packaged in Muppet Show box)
30 Beautiful Day Monster (packaged in Sesame Street box)

Plus! ...the Electric Mayhem Bus added to the Pop Rides series, with a re-issue of Dr. Teeth (figure #6) from "The Muppets" series.

Plus! ...a special reissue of Dr. Teeth (figure #6) in a single "The Muppet Show" box that includes his keyboard

Plus! ... a special reissue of Animal (figure #5) in a single "The Muppet Show" box that includes his Electric Mayhem drum set!

Series 4
31 Statler
32 Waldorf
33 Uncle Deadly
34 Droop (furry green Muppet monster with long snout), comes with small figure of the Fazoobs trumpeter alien
35 Timmy Monster (blue-green monster), 6 inch figure, comes with two small figures of the Fazoobs drummer and drum aliens
36 Marvin Suggs holding a mallet, with a separate one piece figure of the Muppaphone puff balls lined up in a row on top of a small wall
37 Beauregard with anvil and mop
38 Mildred Huxtetter (pink lady with beak-like face)
39 Behemoth (orange Muppet monster that eats everything) with a small figure of the purple Muppet monster that gets eaten in the "I've got you under my skin" skit
40 Luncheon Counter Monster, with one piece PVC figure of Muppet fruits and vegetables in a group (tomato, potatoes, cauliflower, grapes, lettuce, etc)

Plus! ...limited edition three pack set with figures of Fozzie Bear (#4), Statler (#31) and Waldorf (#32)

Plus! ...a special reissue of Fozzie Bear (figure #4) in a single "The Muppet Show" box

Series 5
41 Lew Zealand
42 Flying Zucchini Brothers, two pack set with cannon (one brother with blue head, black moustache and one with pink head wearing helmet)
43 Crazy Harry
44 George the Janitor, holding mop
45 Doglion, 6 inch figure, with small one piece figure of the Muppet creatures from the "Java" skit standing on a small wall
46 Pops (a Pop figure of Pops!)
47 Wayne and Wanda, three pack set with #18 Gorgon Heap, as seen in the "Some Enchanted Evening" skit
48 Mean Mama (brown dog-like monster)
49 Walter, wearing blue suit (packaged in "The Muppets" Box) with small "Robin sized" figure of Pepe the King Prawn
49 Walter, limited edition variant, wearing sweater with a picture of Kermit's face on it (packaged in "The Muppets" Box) with small figure of Pepe the King Prawn in ballerina outfit
50 Clifford, as he appeared on The Jim Henson Hour with his sunglasses (packaged in "The Muppets" box)

Plus! ...a limited edition three pack set, special reissue of Mahna Mahna (figure #7) and two Snowths (#8) in a "The Muppet Show" box, non-metallic/regular version

Imagine that! A collection of 50 Muppet Pop figures!!! That would be so cool!!!

Some Fraggle Rock Pop figures would also be awesome! ...each could come with a small Doozer figure, and the set could include a 6 inch Junior Gorg!

1 Gobo Fraggle / Doozer with a yellow helmet
2 Red Fraggle / Cotterpin Doozer
3 Boober Fraggle / Architect Doozer with moustache and a red helmet
4 Wembley Fraggle / Doozer without construction gear or boots
5 Mokey Fraggle / Wrench Doozer with brown fuzzy hair
6 Uncle Traveling Matt / Doozer with an orange helmet
7 Junior Gorg, 6 inch figure
8 Sprocket the Dog
9 Doc
10 Cantus Fraggle / Doozer with a pink helmet

Plus! ... a small playset of the Doozer village with five more Doozer figures

Plus some more Sesame figures....

Funko Pop figures out of the box: Kermit, Snuffy, Big Bird and the Count!

Mikey's Wish List for Sesame Street Funko Pop Figures!

If I'm going to geek out over these, I'd might as well go all the way!!! Here are some classic Sesame characters I'd like to see as Pop figures....

Series 2
11 Frazzle, the orange furry monster with his teeth and tongue sticking out
12 Herry Monster, wearing his red and white striped pants Update: Coming soon! This figure was announced on Funko.com Jan 5, 2017! To be released in March! Yayyy!!!
13 Roosevelt Franklin
14 Guy Smiley
15 Kermit in reporter outfit (same figure from "The Muppet Show" series but in a Sesame Street box)
16 Sherlock Hemlock
17 Yip-Yips Aliens, two pack set
18 Two-Headed Monster
19 Biff and Sully the construction workers, two pack set
20 Grundgetta Grouch, Oscar's girlfriend

Series 3
21 Lefty the Salesman
22 Betty Lou, comes with a small figure of Little Bird
23 Honker, pink variant
23 Honker, green variant
23 Honker, purple variant
24 Mr. Johnston/Fat Blue
25 Harvey Kneeslapper
26 Barkley the Dog
27 Forgetful Jones
28 Telly
29 Sam the Robot, 6 inch figure
30 Beautiful Day Monster (same figure from "The Muppet Show" series but in a Sesame Street box)

Series 4
31 Alison Snuffleupagus
32 Prairie Dawn
33 Magic Mumford
34 Bruno the Trashman, Oscar's "chauffeur", 6 inch figure made to hold Oscar figure

And from the human cast:

35 Susan
36 Gordon
37 Luis
38 Maria
39 Bob
40 Mr.Hooper... "that's Hooper, Hooper Big Bird!"