Mikey's Muppet Memorabilia Museum

Mikey's Muppet Memorabilia Museum

Muppet Kids 1991, and Muppet Workshop 1994

Muppet Kids

This softcover children's book was published in 1991 by Golden Books. The book features the Muppet characters as young teenagers rather than as babies or adults, and is from a series of Muppet Kids books.

Here are two Muppet Kids hardcover children's books (above and below) published in 1992 by Grolier. The covers say "Jim Henson's Muppets" rather than Muppet Kids.

Here is a Preschool activity book with colour illustrations of the Muppet Kids that was published in 2003 by Bendon Publishing International. Four workbooks were included in the series along with eight different sets of flash cards. Bean Bunny is included as one of the characters in the workbook, and one picture shows that Fozzie has a younger twin brother named Freddie.

I'm not sure if any other books, toys or collectbles based on the Muppet Kids were made. These are the only items I've seen so far. However, the Muppet Wiki site has more information about Muppets Kids products which seems to have included a set of McDonalds PVC figures. Here is the link: http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Muppet_Kids

Muppet Workshop 1994

In the mid 1990s Jim Henson Productions started a new campain to promote the Muppet Workshop as a brand name. Among the most notable products that resulted were the Muppet Workshop figures that were sold at Mcdonalds restaurants in 1994. Below are all four figures, Dog, Monster, Bird and What-Not in their original baggies.

McDonalds also made Happy Meal boxes for each of the toys. I have only two of them. Above is the front and back view. The orange box is for the Dog figure, and the pink box is for the What-Not figure.

Also in 1994, Cheryl Henson and the Muppet Workshop authored a new book "The Muppets Make Puppets". The book came with assorted craft supplies in a worm shaped plastic bubble on a large card. Above is the front view of the book with the card, and the back view of the card.

Also in the mid 1990s, Playskool produced at least two different plush Muppet Workshop What-Not puppets that came with several pieces (eyes, hair, etc.) allowing kids to make their own character. Unfortunately I don't have this in my collection, however I've seen a pink one and a green one.

In 1999 the Muppet Workshop created "The Muppets Book of Crafts" with author Stephanie St. Pierre. This is a very thick soft cover book with many stock photos from the Muppets archives and lots of craft projects!

Sometime around 2008 Muppet What-Not puppets were available at FAO Schwarz toy stores. Customers create their own Muppet instore and end up with their own original Muppet. Awesome! A limited edition boxed What-Not was also available as a promotion for the new Muppets 2011 film. Here is a link to the FAO website for more info about how to get your own Muppet What-Not: http://www.fao.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=3808780

Photos and Text © Mike Artelle

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