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Fraggle Rock 1990 - 2011

Although they haven't been seen on TV for awhile, home video and DVD kept Fraggle fans wanting more fragglish stuff. In 2003 Sababa Toys introduced a new line of 9 inch Fraggle dolls. At first only Red, Gobo, and Wembley were available. Boober was added to the series later on (he's shown below with Wembley). Fans waited for Mokey to follow but unfortunately she never arrived on store shelves leaving the set forever incomplete (you can't NOT have Mokey in the collection!). This is too bad as this collection of Fraggle dolls is my personal favourite out of all that have been made to date. The characters look just like how they are suposed to, even Wembley with his funny shaped nose. The 9" size is also more or less to scale with how big a Fraggle would be to humans, which I like.

When Red, Gobo and Wembley were first issued, Sababa also produced three 2.5" PVC Doozer figures, shown above. This was quite exciting as they were proportioned in size to the 9 inch Fraggle dolls, leaving room for the possibility that a Junior Gorg doll would join the series, but this too never happened. Many people have e-mailed me to ask if I would sell these PVC Doozers. Apparently they are hard to find. Bye the time Boober was added to the set these PVC figures were no longer available. Sababa also produced at least two plush Doozers that were very similar to the Hasbro plush Doozers. These too were discontinued early and were no longer available by the time Boober was added to the collection.

In 2009 Manhattan Toys introduced a new series of large Fraggle dolls. Shown above are Gobo and Red. Below are Wembley, Mokey and Boober. These are great representations of the characters, and Mokey is back with the gang where she belongs. My only complaint is that the arms on all the characters seem to be a bit too short. Mouth puppets of all five Fraggles were also produced at the same time. The heads on the puppets are a bit larger than these dolls but otherwise look the same. To my knowledge, this is the first time puppets of Wembley, Boober and Mokey were made. (Puppets of Gobo and Red were made in the late 1980s by Dakin). A Jumbo sized plush toy of Red Fraggle was also made. It was priced at about $120 or so.

In 2010 plush toys of Junior Gorg, Uncle Matt and Sprocket the Dog were added to the Manhattan Toys series along with three small 7.5 inch Doozers (5 inches sitting). The Doozers are shown above. One Doozer has a moustache and a red hat, another has a yellow hat and no moustache, and the third one is Cotterpin Doozer (she is shown in the centre above). Curiously these follow the same character designs as Sababa's PVC Doozers (shown above in the boxes).

Here are the plush dolls of Uncle Matt and Sprocket the Dog. I find that Sprocket doesn't really look like the original character but it is still a nice plush toy none the less.

For some reason Manhattan Toys forgot to include the fur at the end of Uncle Matt's tail. His hat is made out of fabric and sewn to his head.

Sprocket has fur at the end of his tail, he also has a brown dog collar which is barely visible in this photo. This is a very floppy and soft plush toy.

Puppets of Junior Gorg and Uncle Matt were released at the same time as their matching plush toys. Puppets of Sprocket and the Doozers were not made. This is the first time Junior Gorg was included in a plush toy series, and the first time a puppet of Uncle Matt and Junior Gorg was made. The puppet of Junior Gorg was quite different from the plush toy version as it had a much larger mouth.

The Junior Gorg plush toy is quite large. Here is a comparison of the sizes for the three plush toys.

In 2011 Manhattan Toys added three Bobble Head dolls to their Fraggle Rock collection: Gobo, Red and Wembley. Gobo is shown above. These have a spring at the neck to make the head bounce.

Beginning in January 2011, a series of three Fraggle Rock comics were published by Archaia. Above are the "B" covers for issues number one and three. I assume this means there are also  "A" covers with different artwork. The comic are square shaped rather than being the standard rectangular comic book size.

Text and Photos © Mike Artelle 2011, 2013

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