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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Sesame Street puppets spotted on Friends!

Let's call this..."The One with the Sesame Street Finger Puppets"!

Season 1 of the TV series Friends premiered in September 1994. There are a few episodes in which two Sesame Street finger puppets are seen on the shelf in Monica's kitchen, as shown above from episode 12, "The One with the Dozen Lasagnas". I didn't make note of all the episodes the puppets are seen in, but there are a few. One of the puppets is Big Bird dressed as a postman, made by Applause. The other puppet, Ernie, may have been made by Applause or Tara Toy (to be confirmed as this Ernie toy is not marked). Below is a closer view.

Ernie and Big Bird finger puppets as seen in Season 1, episode 12 of Friends.

The Ernie and Big Bird puppets (copies of them) that were seen on the Friends TV show.

To see more of these awesome toys take a look at the Sesame Street Finger Puppets page!

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Muppets Lego: Where's Waldorf!?!

Hi there Muppet fans! By now you are likely aware of the awesome new series of Muppets Lego Mini Figures that are currently available in stores. These figures are proving to be super popular and are selling out everywhere that they're being sold! So far I've managed to get 11 of the 12 figures, with Waldorf being the last one I need to find. Looking online though, I see that I'm not the only collector to wonder "Where's Waldorf?" Apparently he's the "hard to find" figure from the collection. 

My collection so far, missing Waldorf!

With the positive response that these Muppet Lego figures received from both Muppet and Lego collectors alike, I would be very surprised if we don't see a second series of Muppet Mini Figures released in time for next Christmas, not to mention a Muppet Theatre playset, or several other Muppet Show themed playsets. Personally, I'd love to collect Lego mini figures of all the odd background Muppet characters!

Okay, you already know that I'm a tad obsessed with Muppets, so here is my crazy, extremely long and detailed list of ideas for Muppet Lego figures and sets which I spent way too much time on! ...but I would love to have every one of these! Hopefully someone at Lego reads this and gets inspired! :)

  • the rest of the Electric Mayhem Band with their stage set, including Dr. Teeth, Floyd (in purple suit from season 1), Zoot (purple suit), and the often forgotten trumpeter Lips (in hippy clothes)
  • the Muppet Bus with Scooter, Floyd (in red jacket), Zoot (yellow hippy shirt), and Lew Zealand
  • the Muppet Theatre Stage Proscenium with Statler and Waldorf's booth, and figures of  Sam the Eagle, Sweetums, Robin the Frog (a one piece figure, as was done for Camilla the Chicken), Thog, Trumpet Lady (from closing theme), Crazy Harry, and Droop
  • the Muppet Theatre Backstage set with Gaffer the Cat, Pops, large and small Javas (one piece figures), Mildred Huxtetter, Timmy Monster, George the Janitor and Kermit in his purple suit from season 1
  • Pig in Space bridge set with figures of Piggy, Link, Dr. Strangepork, two crew pigs, and Gonzo as Dearth Nadir
  • Veterinarian's Hospital with Rowlf as Dr. Bob, Nurse Piggy, Nurse Janice and Blue Frackle as their patient
  • Sweetish Chef's Kitchen with a variety of Muppet food, the Muppet Turkey, Muppet Lobster Banditos and Sweetish Chef (with food splatter mess all over his clothes)
  • Planet Koozebane with the Koozebanian male and female aliens, Koozebanian Phoob, and Kermit in his reporter outfit with microphone
  • Piggy and the Biker Pigs
  • Piggy and the Viking Pigs
  • Rowlf in a tuxedo with a grand piano
  • Sam the Eagle wearing Uncle Sam style outfit with podium and American flag themed backdrop
  • The Great Gonzo on his motorcycle
  • Muppet Labs with post explosion Bunsen and Beeker
  • Muppet News set with the Muppet Newsman
  • The Flying Zucchini Brothers with their canon
  • Marvin Suggs and his Muppaphone
  • Bobby Benson and his Baby Band
  • Memorable Muppet Skits set including an upright piano with several chickens, Zelda Rose with her Owl on it's perch, Screaming Thing, Behemoth with Shakey Sanchez, and some Clodhoppers
  • Bear on Patrol set with Fozzie and Link in police outfits
  • Various Muppet Monsters such as Doglion, Luncheon Counter Monster, Sunny Day Monster, Green Frackle, Jade Green Frackle
  • Various Muppet Animals such as Sopwith Camel, Muppet Alligator, Guongo Ape, Muppet Tiger, etc.
  • Various Muppet Birds such as Muppet Penguins, Fletcher, Betsy Bird, Rooster, etc.
  • Various Spooky Muppets such as Uncle Deadly, Mulch, Ghosts, and the Vile Bunch
  • Muppet Arches (from opening theme) with various additional Muppets such as Mutations monsters, Mean Mama, Wayne and Wanda, Beauregard, Lips in purple suit, etc.
  • Muppet's Tonight TV studio with Clifford (wearing sunglasses), Pepe, Johnny Fiama and Sal
  • Muppets Most Wanted Helicopter and Muppet ladder (various Muppets) with Walter wearing a Kermit shirt
  • Assorted Muppets with Walter in his blue suit, Pepe in ballerina outfit, Kermit in disco outfit, Piggy in a summer dress with wide brimmed hat and Foo Foo, JP Grosse, Emily Bear (Fozzie's Mom), etc.

There's so many Muppets and playsets that could be done, the possibilities are endless! I definitely have my fingers crossed that we'll see more Muppets from Lego!!!

Coincidentally, Lego has already marketed a beautifully detailed Sesame Street Lego set complete with six Muppets (Ernie, Bert, Big Bird, Oscar, Cookie Monster, and Elmo). Unfortunately Lego sets are known for being expensive and this one is no different. As such, the whopping price tag will likely prohibit many Muppet fans from ever owning it. (The set retails for $150 in Canada.) 

Thankfully Lego has started selling the Sesame Mini Figures separately as keychains allowing more of us to at least enjoy owning those. The keychain set includes Big Bird, Ernie, Cookie Monster and Elmo leaving Bert and Oscar as exclusive to the boxed set. The heads and legs are permanently attached for the keychain figures, so technically they are variations from the original figures. The Ernie Keychain's legs don't even move at all, only his arms move, but it's still a cool figure!

I would love it if Lego did an extended series of Sesame Mini Figures as there's so many cool characters that could be done! Snuffy, Super Grover, the Count, Herry, Frazzle, Roosevelt Franklin, Guy Smiley, Betty Lou, Prairie Dawn, Telly, Grundgetta, Biff, Sully, Yip Yip Aliens, Twiddlebugs, Honkers, and so many others! There's well over 100 Sesame characters that they could do! That would be awesome!!! 

Though, I suspect the only way that would ever happen is if the Sesame Street Lego boxed set sells out first, and quickly. Frankly, I suspect they'll all be gone before the summer is over! It's just too cool to pass on! 

But first I need to find a Waldorf!!! LOL :)

UPDATE June 1st, 2022: Got him!

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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Collecting vs Hoarding


An example of how a toy collection should look... neatly displayed rather than a cluttered mess. 
It's also more rational to keep such a collection out on display, rather than keeping it stored away and inaccessible. Why keep it, or collect it, if you're not going to enjoy it?

As a fan of the Muppets, it's fun to learn about all of the different Muppet merchandise that has been made over the years, and to work on building up a personal collection. It becomes a source of pride to show off a collection to others, and to socialize with other like minded collectors. I've come to learn the hard way, however, that there is a huge difference between collecting and hoarding which can be confused as being one and the same. 

Generally, one starts out collecting something, such as Muppets, which at first is a fun hobby. But when it progresses to the point that the collection is taking over valuable living space, or the majority of your collection is in storage, or you have so much stuff that your shelves are crammed, messy and chaotic, then you have transitioned from collecting to hoarding which can become a big problem.

This transition to hoarding can happen without even realizing it, and may turn into a habitual lifestyle that can be very hard to change. Once a hoarding mindset is established, it becomes very challenging to part with things, and the value of an object or a collection can become confused with the value of oneself as a person. It can become an unhealthy way of feeling in control of ones life by thinking "I own a large collection of (fill in the blank, such as Muppets)" when in fact it's the collection that now owns you. If the collection has taken over your living space making it very difficult to live in, and yet you cannot part with "the stuff" as you feel it is inherently a part of who you are, you have become a hoarder.

The Junk Lady from Labyrinth

As someone who has collected and then hoarded Muppet items his entire life, I find it quite fitting that Jim Henson gave us an honest and ominous portrayal of hoarding in the film Labyrinth. There is a scene in a junkyard where "the Junk Lady" busies herself with rummaging through "stuff" while carrying a huge pile of it on her back. She tries to get the main character, Sarah, to start her own collection but Sarah realizes "it's all junk" and throws it away. It's an over the top dramatization of hoarding vs collecting, (I would never call my collection "junk") but it gets the point across.

Here are some of my observations about the differences between hoarding and collecting:


-a collection is generally about a very specific type of item, such as "PVC Muppet figures made in the 70's, 80's and 90's", rather than being limitless, such as "anything under the sun that has to do with Muppets".

-items in a collection are displayed neatly in an organized way, rather than messy or cluttered

-you feel satisfied when the collection is complete and stop acquiring more, or you have set a limit to what you are collecting (when the collection will be complete) that is reasonable and achievable in a suitable amount of time (granted, some collectable items are hard to find and it may take many years before an item becomes available, but generally a significant collection can be completed within two or three years)

-the collection doesn't take up more space in a room than the space you have to live in

-you can find specific items in your collection very easily without needing to move a pile of things out of the way

-you can pass up acquiring new things that you don't need, or that don't really go with your collection

-you only acquire more items if you have a specific space in mind for displaying it

-you can ultimately part with your collection if you absolutely had to, though you might feel sad to see it go

-you can enjoy the collection, but it does not determine your self worth


-your collection takes over your living space so that you have limited mobility in a room (or rooms) of your house, resulting in losing access to a portion of a room or house

-acquiring more items is impulsive and it is difficult to stop or change the behaviour

-you never feel satisfied that the collection is complete and there is no end in sight, the sky is the limit

-your collection is mainly stored in boxes or is displayed in a messy, crammed in space

-most of your collection has been in storage for several months or years

-portions of your collection are inaccessible due to the amount of stuff you have (such as piles of boxes or things on top of each other, or piled in front of more boxes of things) 

-you prioritize acquiring more stuff over being practical about how you are spending your money and using your living space

-you keep telling yourself "someday I'll get more organized" or something similar

-you acquire things so that you can keep it in storage rather than displaying it or using it

-you have multiples of the same item(s)

-you "need" to have the pile of things rather than just wanting to have things for interest sake

-you are holding onto things in storage because you think they have monetary value, rather than enjoying them yourself by displaying or using them

-parting with your collection is a traumatic thing to consider, as it is one of the pillars that is holding up your self worth

Learning the difference between collecting and hoarding can be a hard lesson, which I know very well from my own experience, but it is possible to correct your behaviour or habits and reclaim your living space if you are willing to change your mindset about what you are collecting and why. Today the majority of my collection is no longer in storage bins, it's out on shelves neatly displayed. I've reduced the amount of "stuff" I have, and prioritized what I want to collect. 

It makes me so happy to see my collection presented this way, as a collection, after so many years of just hoarding it. I still have more work to do, but I'm heading in the right direction and have changed my way of thinking. I don't bring things home just to put them into a storage box as a way of "collecting", or just to have more stuff, because that's not collecting, it's hoarding.

Ultimately, the trick is to keep in mind that collecting is supposed to be a fun hobby that makes life more enjoyable and brings happiness to your day, rather than causing problems and being a burden. If you make the choice to set limits for your collection and respect yourself for who you are, not what you have, you can avoid the problems that go along with hoarding. 

After all, you are special just because you were born, not because of what you own, how much talent you have, how many online followers you have, etc. All of those things are unimportant in the grand scheme of things! You are special just because you are you, and because you are alive. You don't have to do or accomplish anything to be special. Getting rid of extra stuff in your collection doesn't make you become less special! There are about 8 billion people living on this earth, but there is only one YOU! That's how special you are, and that will never change!

So while a collection is cool to own, it's just stuff! You on the other hand are irreplaceable!

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Saturday, March 26, 2022


Hi Muppet Memorabilia fans! I have some awesome news to share!!! In September of 2021 I posted a request for information about the two mystery Sesame Street figures of Ernie and Bert (shown above). Earlier this month (March 2022) I received an email from a Muppet fan who saw the post. Maddox had recently purchased a 1989 Illco toy catalogue which shows a photo of the Sesame Street Rescue Helicopter along with the figures, all minty in the original box! Thank you Maddox!!!

Here is a closer look...

Sunday, February 27, 2022

I finally found the elusive Ernie doll to go with my Bert...and it only took 25 years!


These are hard plastic dolls of Ernie and Bert with fabric clothes, made by Applause in 1995. Bert is 9 3/4 inches tall, Ernie is 8 inches. The head, arms and legs can be posed, and the shirt has a Velcro opening at the back. The shoes are painted on.

In my experience, both of these dolls are rare and hard to find. I bought the Bert doll new from the store in the late 1990s at Shoppers Drug Mart. As you can see from the price stickers on the hang tag (shown below), the doll was originally priced at $20 but was reduced to $10. I got a sweet deal! Today, in 2022, these dolls are worth at least $50 each. Ever since I bought the Bert doll I have been searching for the matching Ernie and am sooooooooooooooo happy to have finally found one in February 2022! In all that time, I've only seen Ernie listed on ebay twice, including the one that I bought, though it's quite possible that I missed other listings over the years. In any case, at long last 25 years later I have reunited Ernie and Bert!!! 

In my view, these Applause Bert and Ernie dolls are among the nicest Sesame collectables to have been made. If I had to pick only a few items to keep from my Sesame collection these Ernie and Bert dolls would easily be among them.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Another Mystery to solve!!! What are these from???


Does anyone know what these Sesame figures are from or what they were meant to be used for???
If you have any info about these, please post your comments on the Discussion Page or contact me by email. Thank you! -Mikey

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Can You Help Identify These Vintage, Mystery Sesame Figures?!?

 MYSTERY SOLVED!!! See the post here!

Unidentified Bert and Ernie figure with jointed hips and knees.

Lately I've been working on the Sesame Street PVC figure pages of this blog trying to identify as many of the "unknown" mystery figures that were on my list of "figures that I've seen". Many of them were sold with playsets which makes them even harder to locate and identify as there are just so many different possibilities it's like looking for a needle in a haystack! I've managed to identify many of the figures but there are two which are quite peculiar...

Above are figures of Bert and Ernie which have been popping up every so often on ebay and other websites since the early 2000's. I've never seen any information for them... who made them, when they were made, and what playset or vehicle they were sold with. It's clear by their jointed legs that they're meant to sit inside the compartment of a vehicle, and based on the outfits they're wearing with the wings on their hats, I would guess that the vehicle is an airplane. Or maybe it could be a racing car outfit? 

This photo shows the size of the figures are similar to an
average PVC figure, but with the addition of jointed legs.

If anyone has some information about these, I'd really appreciate if you would share it with me. A photo of the toy in the box would be amazing, though I'd just be glad to see what the vehicle looks like and what company made it. Please post the info on the discussion page of this blog, or contact me by e-mail. Hopefully this bizarre mystery can be solved!!! Many thanks!